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Duke's death.

Duke is a minor character in Fargo Season 2.


Gerhardt muscle

Duke is first seen beside Ollie Stein when the latter Lou Solverson and Ben Schmidt to hand over their weapons. He watches the meeting between Lou and the Gerhardts go on, and in the end is ordered to escort the two policemen off then property. (The Myth of Sisyphus)

Duke, along with Ollie, is instructed to bring a crippled Otto Gerhardt to a doctor's appointment. Afterwards, the two of them along with the nurse escort Otto out to the car. They notice someone parked right next to their car, preventing them from getting in through the driver's side. Ollie has him go around the passenger side to start the car. Inside, he tries starting it up with little avail, saying he might have flooded the engine. Once he finally gets it running, the group is suddenly ambushed by Gale and Wayne Kitchen. Gale shoots him through the front windshield, causing Duke to rest his foot on the accelerator which sends the car backing into another parked car. (Fear and Trembling)

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