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Donatello Fadda is a recurring character in Fargo Season 4.


In 1934, Donatello arrived in Kansas City as the leader of the Fadda family. He faced off against Yiddles Milligan. As Yiddles had done once before with the Moskowitzes, Donatello traded his son, Josto, with Yiddles', Rabbi. However, unlike the first time he'd sent Rabbi to live with another family, this time, All the Milligans were killed, including Yiddles, whom Donatello forced Rabbi to kill himself.

In 1950, when Loy Cannon and the Cannon Limited came to town, they traded sons again. Donatello took Satchel Cannon and sent Zero Fadda in his place. They met a few times to talk business and keep the peace. At one of these visits, they decided to give each of the young boys some time with their mothers. As they left that meeting, Donatello was shoot in the neck by a child with a cap gun. His son raced him to the hospital only for David Harvard to refuse them treatment because he's Italian. They then took him back to the car and took him to St. Bartholomew's, where he was finally treated. They got the pellet out and told his family he would need a lot of rest.

Josto ended up doing drugs with and talking to one of the hospital's nurses, Oraetta Mayflower. During their conversation, he told her he hated to think of his father in pain and asked her to take care of him, which she said she would. That night, while his guards were sleeping, she woke him up, injected something into his IV, and held his hands down while he died. After he was dead, she took the ring off his finger.[1]

His other son, Gaetano, came to Kansas City from Italy for the funeral, which caused tension between him and Josto, who was assuming power in the wake of his father's death. This fighting upset their mother, who also believed one of them stole the ring off his finger.[2]

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  • He was 5'10".[3]
  • He was arrested on December 15, 1927 for racketeering.[4]