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Don Chumph was an ambitious personal trainer for Helena Milos. He attempted to blackmail her husband Stavros Milos.

Early Life

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Season 1

"The Rooster Prince"

Don is first seen at the Milos residence training with Helena Milos. He shakes hands with Lorne Malvo as he arrives, getting tanning grease all over him. Later when Lorne is studying the blackmail note given to him by Stavros, he notices tanning grease on the note and deduces that Don is the blackmailer.

"A Muddy Road"

Don is seen working at his fitness center. Lorne arrives and tells Don that he knows that he wrote the blackmail letter and asking him why the amount of money requested was so specific. Chumph tells him he hoped to use the money to open a Turkish bath, originating in the time of the Ottoman Empire. Lorne asks why the letter stated that the blackmailer, "knew about the money," as though Stavros Milos had some illicitly gained money. Don says that he knew of no money, and just included it in the letter to seem more threatening. Lorne informs him that he is an idiot, and that he is working for Lorne now, who is taking control of the blackmail.

"Buridan's Ass"

Lorne brings about Don's death by tying Don to a shotgun and fixing them both near the front door of Don's home. Lorne fires shots out the window of Don's house. Responding police officers force their way in and kill Don before they realize that he could not have been the shooter.

Episode Appearances

Season 1


  • When Lorne Malvo confronts Don Chumph regarding the blackmail letter in the broom closet, there is a box on a shelf with "LaBeouf Miscellaneous" written on the side. This may be a reference to the character of LaBeouf from True Grit, a film directed by the Coen Brothers who created the original Fargo.

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