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"Name's Doctor. Uh, Doctor Senator. It was my mother's idea."
Doctor Senator to Clayton Winckle about his name.[src]

Doctor Senator (died 1950) is a character in Fargo Season 4.


Doctor Senator was right next to Loy when Loy faced off against the Fadda family and the two of them exchanged sons.

After establishing themselves in the area, Doctor went with Loy to a bank, where they proposed that the bank help them expand use of their "credit card," which was already being commonly used in local colored businesses. Clayton Winckle rejected their proposition.[1]

They continued to shop their credit card around, but no one would accept it. When Donatello Fadda died, Doctor suggested it might be a good time to seize some power, as the Fadda family had a potential struggle for power between Josto and his brother Gaetano. He proposed seizing the slaughterhouse and claiming Donatello gave it to them. Doctor led some men into the slaughterhouse, where they worked quickly to seize power. Gaetano arrived soon afterward to challenge them, but agreed to let them have it if Josto agreed.[2]

Doctor sat down with Ebal Violante. He told Ebal that Donatello gave them the slaughterhouse, but Ebal knew that wasn't true. So Doctor told a story about serving in the war. He worked on the Nuremberg trials, interviewing Nazis. He did a lot of work, interrogating Nazis and then writing up a report only to watch his superior throw it in the trash, saying he just wanted to torture the Nazis by having them interviewed by a colored man. In telling this story, he was able to convince Ebal to honor the deal.

Later, Swanee and Zelmare invaded Loy's operation, killed three of his men, and stole $20,000. At the same time, there was an attempt on Loy's son's life. Doctor told Loy he believed the order had come from Gaetano, not Josto, and believed there was internal fighting at the Faddas. He said fighting back would lead to certain death.[3]

Doctor met again with Ebal and they talked about how coming to America meant pretending to be something that you aren't. Doctor talked to Ebal about the attempt on Lemuel's life and quickly realized that Ebal didn't know about it. Ebal quickly excused himself from the conversation.[4]

Doctor went back to meet with Ebal again, but found Calamita and Gaetano there instead. He told them about how Ebal earned his respect and how they would have to as well. Then he left. However, Calamita followed him out and shot him in the street, killing him.[5]

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