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"They call me Deafy on account of I hear what I want to hear."
Dick Wickware to Odis Weff in regards to his nickname.[src]

United States Marshal Dick “Deafy” Wickware was a law man from Utah. In 1950, he was in pursuit of two escaped criminals, Swanee Capps and Zelmare Roulette.


"We're moving."
Dick Wickware to Odis Weff whilst preparing to make a raid.[src]

In 1950, after Swanee Capps and Zelmare Roulette escaped from prison, Wickware was sent to Kansas City to track them down. He assigned to work with Odis Weff after coming to the police to ask for help.

They used dogs to track their scent, but the trail ended at the bar where thy changed their clothes. Wickware then went to wait outside of the house of Dibrell Smutny, Zelmare's sister. After watching Oraetta Mayflower deliver a pie to the house and Thurman Smutny bring it inside, Wickware gave the order for his men to move on the house and raid it. He and his men proceeded to walk to the porch of the house, where Wickware then kicked down the front door. They searched the house, but didn't find Zelmare and Swanee.[1]

Wickware then went to the local police to request assistance. He explained who he was and asked for a local officer to help him in his search for Zelmare and Swanee. Odis Weff was assigned to help him, even though he was on another case, the attempted murder of David Harvard. The two of them then went and staked out the Smutny house, waiting for Zelmare and Swanee. When Thurman opened the door to retrieve a pie left there by Oraetta Mayflower, Wickware and his team entered the house. They searched the whole house for Zelmare and Swanee, but didn't find them. The three members of the Smutny family also insisted that they weren't there and last they knew, she was in prison still. They left, not knowing that Zelmare and Swanee actually were in the house.[2]

Odis later brought an informant to see Wickware, feeding the informant a statement as he talked. The informant falsely claimed to have overheard Zelmare and Swanee talking about going to Chicago. Odis's hope was that Wickware would follow them, but he said they had US Marshal's in Chicago as well and he'd be staying put.[3]

Wickware, knowing that Ethelrida knew more than she had told him, visited her at school and told her about the crimes her aunt had committed, which she didn't know about. He then told her he could make it so she got expelled from school if she didn't help him. When she told him where her aunt was, he went to the hotel, but Zelmare and Swanee had already left with Loy, who wanted to put them to work.[4]

Wickware then confronted Odis about his corruption, though Odis denied it. Wickware then observed the Fadda family from a distance.[5]

A deceased Wickware's gaze as Odis looks upon him.

Wickware went to Loy, asking him about Zelmare and Swanee. Loy eventually told him that they were on the 10:00 train to Philly and also warned Wickware to leave the state and never come back as he wasn't safe in Missouri anymore. Wickware put together a team, including Odis at his request, and went to the train station. He wanted to take them alive, but authorized his men to shoot if necessary. When Zelmare and Swanee spotted him, they pulled out their guns and started firing. He eventually backed them into a corner with no ammo left. He gave the cuffs to the newly-arrived Odis to put on them, but Odis instead shot Wickware and then Swanee. He fired at Zelmare, but missed and she ran away.[6]

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""U.S. Marshal Dick 'Deafy' Wickware," portrayed by Timothy Olyphant, is a Utah law man and follower of Brigham Young. Dogged in his pursuit of escaped criminals, some say that Deafy is part hound dog. Incorruptible and devout, Deafy is an unwelcome presence for Kansas City's criminal underworld."
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