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Dessie Gillis is the fiancée of Josto Fadda.


Dessie was engaged to Josto Fadda. For him, it was purely a politically strategic move, as her father was running for Mayor, though she really seemed to love him. Josto constantly taunted Milvin for this, saying he'd not only marry his daughter, but impregnate her.[1]

Josto, Dessie, and Milvin met to discuss wedding plans. Josto wanted them to get married on Election Day and Dessie agreed, but Mivlin was less certain, as he wanted to await the results of the election before committing to anything.[2]

Milvin later came to see Josto and told him the wedding was off as the war had made the Faddas Public Enemy #1. Josto wanted to renegotiate the deal instead of calling it off, but Milving argued with him and ended up leaving after Gaetano punched him.[3]

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