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Dr. David Harvard is a character in Fargo Season 4.


When Donatello Fadda was shot in the neck, they first took him to David Harvard's hospital. However, Harvard refused to treat him as he was Italian and instead directed them to the public hospital.[1]

Later, the Faddas made an attempt on Harvard's life, but missed and only killed the woman he was with, a wealthy donor. He knew it was them and reported that to Odis Weff, not knowing he's on the Faddas' payroll.[2]

Harvard interviewed Oraetta Mayflower, who was looking for a job. With a glowing recommendation from her past employer, he hired her for the job.[3]

After employing Mayflower, Harvard received an anonymous letter drawing attention to the high death rate of Mayflower's patients, and stating that her conduct deserved further scrutiny. The letter was signed "A Concerned Citizen", but was written by Ethelrida Pearl Smutny. Harvard raised his concerns with Mayflower, and agreed not to share this information with the hospital's Human Resources department after Oreatta begged him to preserve her reputation.[4]

Mayflower presented Dr. Harvard with home-baked macaroons as a thank you for not reporting the letter to HR. The macaroons were poisoned. Upon eating one, Dr. Harvard collapsed to the floor, gasping for breath. Mayflower examined the anonymous letter in Dr. Harvard's desk drawer, then calmly watched him struggle before feigning panic and raising the alarm.[5]

Harvard survived the poisoning, but was transferred out of state to a hospital that specialized in poisoning because the authorities believed it was another attempt on his life.[6]

When Harvard had sufficiently recovered, he returned to Kansas City. However, soon afterward, Josto, angry and out for revenge, kidnapped Harvard and killed him along with with Milvin Gillis. He then took their bodies and burned them in a car.[7]

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