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Constant Calamita is a character in Fargo Season 4. He is a member of The Fadda Family, as seen in the season premiere. Chances are he's a high-ranking member, given his attitude.


Calamita was first seen when Donatello Fadda and the Fadda Family faced Loy Cannon and the Cannon Limited. When Loy pulled out a knife, Calamita was one of many who pulled out a gun in response.

Later, when Donatello was shot in the neck, Calamita helped get him to the hospital for treatment.[1]

Acting on the orders of Gaetano, Calamita went to Rabbi and said they had a job to do. He then drove Rabbi to Lemuel Cannon's school. Rabbi realized what they were there to do and asked if they were just meant to scare him. He then tried to talk Calamita out of it, saying it would be war if they did it. They pulled up next to the car and Rabbi hesitated long enough that Lemuel and Leon noticed what was happened and started to drive away, but not before Calamita took out his gun and fired, though Rabbi hit it and his shot missed, giving them the chance to get away. After they were gone, Rabbi pulled his gun on Calamita, who said he was a dead man. Rabbi said he wasn't sure, because he knew the order came not from Josto, but from Gaetano.[2]

In revenge for the attempt on Lemuel's life, Loy had Calamita's car surrounded. Omie Sparkman then used the tip of his gun to burn and scar Calamita's cheek, but left him alive.[3]

Calamita told Gaetano that he needed to make his big move soon. They then sat down with Doctor in Ebal's place. Doctor immediately knew something was wrong and made it clear to them that he wouldn't be accepting their authority. As he left, Calamita followed him outside and then shot him.[4]

After Gaetano was taken by the Cannon Limited, Calamita told Josto of this capture. When they were figuring out what to do about Gaetano, Calamita said he'd rather die than be traded for power. Josto questioned Calamita's loyalty to the Faddas.[5]

Josto and Calamita found Antoon dead, without having killed Satchel. They knew Rabbi had killed him and taken Satchel. Josto sent Calamita to kill Rabbi, Satchel, and anyone else he needed to. However, when Calamita went to the Cannon household, he was confronted by Buel Cannon's shotgun and quickly left. Calamita then explored the room where Rabbi and Satchel had stayed.[6]

On Josto's orders, Calamita went after Rabbi and Satchel, who had fled.[7] He followed them to Liberal, Kansas. Before he found Rabbi and Satchel, he ended up at a filling station, where Omie Sparkman was waiting for him. They had a confrontation, which ended when Rabbi pulled up outside. Calamita went outside, where he shot Rabbi and then killed Omie before all three of them were swept up by a passing tornado.[8]

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  • On the IMDB page for episode 1, his actor Luke Barelli is listed as playing Constant Calamita in his 20's during the 1934-1937 portion of the show, meaning that Calamita would have to be early to mid-forties in 1950.

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