Cindy Wallace
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Police deputy


Bemidji Police Department


Bemidji, Minnesota



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Eating the Blame


Chantal Perron

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Cindy Wallace is a minor character in Fargo Season 1. She is a member of the Bemidji Police Department.


Cindy is first seen standing by Chief Bill Oswalt as he updates his deputies on the upcoming storm. He informs them that Cindy is in charge of the snow plows that will be on call, and if anyone wants to make extra money operating said plows, they should see her. (Eating the Blame)

Cindy continues working on overseeing storm preparations over the phone as Molly walks into Bill's office with new developments on the homicide case. Cindy, meanwhile tries to give Bill updates on storm data. As Bill begins to pay more attention to Molly's leads, Cindy becomes increasingly frustrated in her failure to get answers out of Bill about the snowplows. Eventually, she tells the company he will call them back. (The Six Ungraspables)

She is later seen with the rest of her department glaring at Chazz Nygaard as he is taken out of the building and transferred to a country jail, believing him to be the man who killed Pearl Nygaard and Chief Vern Thurman. (Who Shaves the Barber?)

One year later after Lorne Malvo returns to town and the Bemidji Police are out looking for him, Cindy stays in the safe confines of the station with a pregnant Molly. Molly decides to head out to find Lester, to which Cindy asks if it's a good idea for her to be alone in the station. Molly suggests she lock the door, which she does as Molly leaves. (Morton's Fork)

Episode appearances

Season 1


  • Despite only being credited as "Cindy" her name tag confirms that her last name is Wallace.