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"It doesn't matter what you mean. It's what you do."
―Bear Gerhardt[src]

Bear's death.

Bear Gerhardt is a recurring character and the secondary antagonist in Fargo Season 2.

Early Life

Bear Gerhardt is the third born son to Otto and Floyd Gerhardt - after eldest Elron (killed serving for America in Korea War), and Dodd Gerhardt.


Bear is, well, a bear of a man- both physically and in appearance. Early in the season , he is shown eating food from the plate in the kitchen with his bare hands, with food in his beard, showing disregard for his appearance to others. He is normally seen wearing a loosely-buttoned blue shirt with a heavy wool jacket of alternating orange and blue colors on top.


Unlike his elder brother Dodd, Bear is happy for his 'Ma' to take the throne after Otto's stroke, but his ulterior motives could be due to a heated sibling rivalry with Dodd, who he comes first in line for the throne. Bear doesn't want his 17-year-old kid Charlie to join the family business, instead wishing for him to have a full education in college.  He shows a more tender side for his son when he learns Dodd sent him out on a hit to kill Ed. He also appears highly articulate when he speaks - but the threat of violence always lurks within as seen when he executes Simone. He also appeared to struggle with Simone's execution, and after he pulled the trigger and returned to his pick-up truck, he smashed off his plaster cast on the bonnet - tears visible in his eyes as he drove home. Bear had the makings of a boss - he displayed knowledge, restraint and control. He was shown to be incredibly resistant, surviving four bullet shots, one of which clipped his ear off.

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