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Season 3, Episode 9
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Air Date:

June 14, 2017


1.19 million

Written by:

Noah Hawley
Bob DeLaurenitis

Directed by:

Keith Gordon

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Who Rules the Land of Denial?

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Somebody to Love


Aporia is the ninth episode of Season 3, and the twenty-ninth episode overall. It premiered June 14, 2017.


Emmit sits down with Gloria, while Nikki negotiates a deal.


On V.M. Varga's orders, Meemo kills two men in the Saint Cloud area with the last name Stussy, one by cutting his throat with a shard of glass, and the other by suffocating him with glue.

Emmit Stussy tells Gloria Burgle about his father's death from a heart attack when he and Ray were teenagers, and how their inheritance came down to his Corvette and his stamp collection. Emmit admits that he used Ray's loneliness and sexual frustration to manipulate him into taking the car, leaving Emmit with the stamps, which he sold all but one of and built Stussy Lots from the ground up with the money. He tells her about the exact circumstances of Ray's death, but states that he still feels his display of victory over Ray for thirty years made it murder.

As Meemo drives Varga's truck across town, he is attacked by Wes Wrench and Nikki Swango, who gets him out of the truck by throwing a fake grenade inside the cab. She and Wrench drive it to a junkyard, finding a record of Varga's criminal activities. Nikki calls Varga, demanding two million dollars and sets a meeting place. Gloria calls Winnie Lopez, who is outside the scene of a Stussy murder, positing the question of why Ruby Goldfarb gave Emmit an alibi when Emmit himself claims to be guilty. At the scene of another Stussy murder, Moe Dammick tracks a license plate identified by a neighbor, leading him to Donny Woo, an Asian man dressed in a jacket similar to Meemo's who confesses to the two Stussy murders as well as Ray and Ennis', claiming his abusive stepfather had the same name.

As Gloria interviews Goldfarb, Dammick returns triumphant, ordering Gloria to release Emmit. Varga meets with Nikki, both trying to poison her the same way he did Sy Feltz and offering her a job. She rejects both, and correctly guesses that Varga has stationed Meemo as a gunman should she have brought his records. Wrench incapacitates him, leaving Varga with nothing over her. Nikki states that she is only interested in revenge, both for Ray's death and the multiple attempts on her life. She tells Varga he has until the next day to get her money, and leaves with Wrench.

Gloria talks to Emmit, telling him about her husband leaving her for a man, lamenting that the world is always different than one thinks, and tells Emmit he is free to go. Shocked, he tries to protest, but Gloria tells him about Woo's confessions and asks him who Varga is. Emmit tells her nothing and leaves, being led to a car by Meemo and sitting with Varga in the back, who tells him the problem with the world is that there is good in it, because no one would care otherwise.

Gloria and Winnie get a drink, Gloria telling her about Ennis' novel and how she feels a connection to the robotic main character of the book, expressing a private fear that she does not actually exist. Winnie hugs her, and when Gloria later goes to the bathroom, she finds that the automatic sink and soap dispenser work for her.

IRS agent Larue Dollard receives a package—Varga's records.


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