Season 3, Episode 9
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Air Date:

June 14, 2017


1.19 million

Written by:

Noah Hawley
Bob DeLaurenitis

Directed by:

Keith Gordon

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Who Rules the Land of Denial?

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Somebody to Love


Aporia is the ninth episode of Season 3, and the twenty-ninth episode overall. It premiered June 14, 2017.


Emmit sits down with Gloria, while Nikki negotiates a deal.


Meemo begins killing random people with the last name Stussy to make it appear a serial killer is on the loose and confuse the local police.

Emmit confesses to Gloria at the police station that he killed Ray.

Nikki and Mr. Wrench execute a plan to hijack Varga's semi truck and steal his computer hard drives which contain his bank account information. She then calls Varga to set up a meeting where he will pay her 2 million dollars.

The police find another victim with the name Stussy and Varga has a fall guy set up that the police arrest who confesses to all the murders including Ray's. This prompts Moe to order Gloria to release Emmit from jail.

Varga meets with Nikki at the hotel lobby. He tries to offer her tea but she refuses. He asks her to work for him but she again refuses. He has Meemo positioned with a sniper rifle on Nikki but Mr. Wrench neutralizes him. She declines more offers to join him and leaves reminding him to have the money tomorrow.

Gloria tells Emmit he is free to go home. She asks him if Varga is behind all this but Emmit won't say anything. Meemo is waiting to take Emmit back home.

Arriving at his office, Larue finds an envelope which contains pages of accounting ledgers of Stussy Lots. This would have been obtained by Nikki when she hijacked the semi truck which stored the information.


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