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Antoon Dumini is a character in Fargo Season 4.


At the end of WWII, Dumini was left in service with no rations or supplies. By the time American forces arrived, he was cooking his belt to eat (due to the fact that he had already eaten his shoes). Taken in as a prisoner of war, Dumini was interned in Camp Elegance Relocation Center outside Kansas City, Missouri. There, seeing America as the "Land of Plenty," Dumini made "blood vow" that he would never return to Italy but remain as an American. Cementing this, he carved his name in a wall of Camp Elegance: "Antoon Dumini, American".[1]

He joined the Fadda family at some point after that, including marrying Naneeda Fadda. When Loy Cannon and Cannon Limited came to town and tried to stake a claim, Antoon was among those who represented the Fadda family. Later, after Donatello was shot in the neck with a cap gun, Antoon drove him to the hospital.[2]

In retaliation for refusing Donatello treatment, Antoon and two other members of the Fadda Family drove by the hospital and fired at him. However, they missed him and only killed the woman he was with. When they told Josto they weren't sure they got him, he said they had to try again until they got him. However, they later had to back off when Odis came to them and said he could pin the shooting on someone else, but only if they held back from killing Harvard for a while.[3]

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